Dear [bpps_profile_displayname],

We just want to let you know we appreciate your presence here at Positive YOUnity.
You are amazing & we’re excited to be sharing this journey with you.
We are going to change the world.
But first,
We want to go over some things so you can have a better understanding of how we can help you and vice versa.
We hope you believe in us as much as we believe in you. We’ll spark the fire if you promise to carry the flame.
Love always,
The team at +YOUnity

Lets get to the...


We would first like you to know, we are in an experimental phase right now. Before we become a non-profit organization we need to make sure we have a strong team ready to make it happen. We will be building our foundation in phases. Each phase will have a set of goals we must accomplish before we can get to the next phase. You can learn more about those here.

The energy that we put in to this is what we will get out of it. This is what WE make it, as a collective. The magic starts with you. Our growth will be dependent on everyone’s active participation. When YOUnity wins, we all do.
Here are some things you can do to help:

  1. Invite your friends.
  2. Talk about us on social media &/or RT +YOUnity’s account.
  3. Use the forums to talk about your favorite topics & ideas.
  4. Submit your art (if you have) to the showcase.
  5. We are currently looking for underground indie artists. Send us some music to add to our radio station!

These are just some simple things for now! We will keep you updated on more ways you can help as they arise.


About the



This area will handle a lot of the back-end information for users : Site announcements, Polls, Metrics, and a To-Do list of goals we need to accomplish to get to the next phase.


We feel the need for a platform where artists feel supported not exploited. We want creatives to feel seen, appreciated & encouraged. Here is where artists can post their creations while others can like, comment & even commission.


This page is used to keep everyone updated on all of our events (virtual or physical). We will post all of our team meeting dates, workshops, and guest interviews on this page.


Anything that we all agree on doing to move our mission forward will be considered a campaign. Whether it’s a fundraiser, hashtag campaign or challenge we do as a collective. It will get its own page and always be posted here.


This page is going to be a little of everything. Important announcements from around our community (song/album/mixtape releases/artist accomplishments/product launches), recent blogs, active campaigns and their progress, hot topics from our forums, the most popular posts from the showcase, etc.


Groups, Activity and Forums. OH MY!
Groups are used for collaboration. They are also able to have their own sections for posts and forums.

Forums are for discussions and staying organized with topics & ideas
(or really whatever out hearts desire).

The Activity area will keep everyone updated on our community. You can see posts and updates from everyone around the site. Please keep in mind that hashtags do work on the site!

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is home to important information for getting started with the Website, Non-profit Information & Resources, and Contact Forms.


The Timeline is just a simple visual of what we need to do to be a successful non-profit. These will be updated as we progress through our phases.