The Preface

We are an aspiring non-profit organization providing a platform for change within and without.
This website is a network for all kinds of minds to come together and
create a community focused on breaking the barriers of a conditioned society.
Here, we will hold a sacred space for our ideas, discussions, events, & campaigns.


To encourage health of the mind and body and to coalesce the community by providing resources for sustainability, innovation, creativity & social issues.  


We want to create a foundation that empowers revolutionaries and their pursuits to make change for a better world.

What We're About


Mother Earth Needs Y(our) Help

We want everyone to get more hands-on and vocal about becoming eco-friendly.

Together, we can push environment-friendly trends and come up with solutions to today’s issues.


Everything Starts With YOU.

We need to promote the importance of physical & mental health.

It’s time we show people the power they hold. It’s our mission to provide knowledge and safe spaces for self-reflection.


“Knowledge is Power”

We wish to create both virtual and physical environments in which knowledge can thrive.

Simply Put: We see the need for more book clubs, intuitively & technologically advanced learning centers, and a better system to sustain dreams and individuality.


Creativity is the Key to Life.

We want to establish a network where artists of all mediums can collaborate, find support, and showcase their work.

In our safe environment with no limits, we hope to provide a space full of inspiration and possibility. 

*Disclaimer: We have used work created by people that are not affiliated with Positive YOUnity. These are just examples of what we are going to accomplish.

Urban Food Jungle | AECOM

Conceptual Design

Project Team | Aidan Flaherty, Blake Sanborn, Haein Lee, James Haig Streeter (project director), Jeremy Siew Eden Project UK—Horticulture

Year | 2012

Image Credits | AECOM

Source of image & design:


We are not affiliated with this architect in any way.
(We hope to be soon though)

You can click the picture to see more pictures and information about the project.

Original Unverpackt, a German concept store selling groceries without the packaging. Watch the video HERE

Photograph: Unverpackt

We need mental health gyms.

Our idea is to build 24/7 mental health facilities where people can go if they are feeling suicidal or just need some guidance from a professional.

We will offer sliding-scale memberships for those who need our services more than once a month. So that we are highly accessible to those who are low-income or don’t have insurance.


Libraries are great, full of knowledge and resources. But we think they need a face lift.

    • Art rooms for all mediums.
      From painting to sculpting. Everyone deserves to dive into their creative side
    • Recording Studios
      Think of how much music is in the heart of someone who can’t afford professional resources.
    • Classes for the building blocks of life
      • Cooking
      • Taxes
      • Finances
    • Meditation rooms
      • Rooms will be accessible to anyone like a private bathroom from the outside.
      • At night we will reserve them for homeless people who need shelter.
    • Meeting rooms
    • More advanced computers & equipment. 


The school system we know now was built at a time when America was breeding factory workers.

We want to create schools that:

  1. Create positive learning environments
  2. Add essential classes
    1. Mindfulness/meditation
    2. Psychology and how to deal with feelings
    3. Filing taxes
    4. How to start a business
    5. Gardening
    6. Classes that teach the truth about history
    7. Yoga for Physical education
  3. Focus on the child’s individual wants & dreams and drive them towards that
  4. Keep therapists on school property 

Unity is essential. We want to host events & campaigns in local cities to bring people together.

Types of events:
  1. Food is free meetups
  2. Networking events for creatives & businesses/entrepreneurs.
  3. Art showcases
  4. Music festivals
  5. Farmers Markets
  6. Craft shows
  7. Anything that promotes unity & what we’re about.
Ready to make it happen?


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